This holiday season THC has flipped the script and brought the beach to you with +tivity, a colorful collection full of Yara greens, Maracas sand, and blue skies. Peppered throughout with muted greys, this drop is a clever mix of Caribbean color and a concrete jungle.

The collection is packed with heat, heart, and positivity from hoodies displaying the word “Hidden” on the hood when you want to escape that winter chill, to the color-blocking cargo pants with functional, stretchy pockets and elastic ankles which sport the quote, “Made with love.”

Kangaroo pocket turtlenecks with the word “Blessed” presented when your arms are open wide and vibrant knit poppy sweaters - a subtle hint to Mother Nature - further symbolize the positive theme of this collection and nod to THC’s overarching message of sharing the Caribbean color within the climate change of winter.

The stand-out denim sets in this drop feature pants, jackets, and bucket hats which are not only extremely useful for travel but warm, comfortable, and designed with soft suede-like collars, zipped ankles, double access pockets, and the coordinates of Trinidad and Tobago just in case you get lost or feel like basking in the tropical sun.

From the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, THC shares with you a holiday collection that is stylish, colorful, and perfect if you want to stay warm for the winter or need a little extra love until summertime.

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