The Coup

Utilizing the malleability of fabrics and design, ‘The Coup’ is THC’s latest collection, playing on the angular dynamics of shapes. Dropping pre-fall, The Coup is a tight collection featuring colorways of mercury grey, black, honey, white, and flamingo pink; matching, reversible bucket hats for each garment; and more shapes than you can cut on a wedding dance floor.

“Snakes and Shapes” cargo pants play on the geometric theme, with different shaped pockets featuring a snakeskin print. A pull string ending in a cobra head, adds to the unorthodox design of these garments, along with ankle snap buttons that come in handy when you need to shake things up or slim them down. 

Two tee-shirt designs appear in this collection. The first with angled blocks of “THC” resembling the periodic table - nodding to the theme of shapes, albeit at a molecular level. The second; paying respect to the “Fuck Peace” tees with peace hands printed around the bottom of the garment along with extra artwork depicting a “fuck them” message with the letters T, H, and C dropping out.

Comfortable and stretchy, the denim sets of ‘The Coup’ are designed with deep pockets, and ankle and wrist straps. These sets are printed with real-life newspaper, magazine, and blog clippings about the brand, sending a subtle message about the mixing of words, letters, and shapes that often soften aspects to combat the harsh sharpened angles of a coup.

‘The Coup’ utilizes slick fashion staples and blends them together using the unique geometry of shapes, angles, and the only kind of acceptable takeover, a fashion takeover.

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