[45mins to Paradise] - New collection out now!

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Paradise is never that far away. Paying homage to friendships, The Caribbean, and Goodfellas THC taps into what really creates our bliss in this latest summer collection.

Functionality and style are the themes for this drop. The shorts featured are comfortable and stylish yet have the added utility of deep pockets and waterproof material, meaning you can go from the gym to the water to the streets without breaking fashion code. The long pants are built from previous successful collections and feature unconventional pockets, ankle buckles, and a matching color scheme making each piece look great when paired with snapback caps, tee-shirts, and the workman-like tactical vests.

THC brought back the ‘Never rat on your friends’ tee-shirt for this collection and remixed it with a twist. Pockets displaying a quote and a mousetrap adorn the front of the tees where the opening and closing of the pocket determine the mouse's fate. When open that mouse lives, when closed it’s trapped. This design and quote were inspired by the movie “Goodfellas” which stated there are two things that matter in life: “Never rat on your friends” and “Always keep your mouth shut.”

Aqua blues are splashed throughout giving the palette of yellows, browns, sand, and base colors a pop and adding to the collection's warm weather flow. Designs of money bags on the tees and caps quoting “Empty pockets never held anyone back only empty heads and hearts,” emphasize THC’s belief that money can’t make you rich and is not the key to paradise. 

With a summer collection that is both functional and slick, “45mins to Paradise” reminds us that money can’t buy happiness, never rat on your friends, and as long as your heart is full and your head isn’t empty, paradise is never that far away.

Streetwear | THC | Fashion | Art | Music | Culture