Dawn of an Era // Holiday '23 drop

Contemporary Luxury Streetwear Collection - The Hideout Clothing

Marking the beginning of something new, ‘Dawn of an Era’ collection prefaces the anticipated opening of THC’s new store in Paris. A mixture of cultures and styles has gone into making this drop, with subtle UK and NYC-inspired design-inspo, peppering the classic THC warmth and high energy with a luxurious yet wearable street style.

Constructed in clean colorways of black, cream and mallard blue, along with charming floral prints, ‘Dawn of an Era’ signifies a new shift into muted tones with its signature pop of color threaded throughout.

Over-exaggerated distressed jeans with two layers grace this collection. Perfect for keeping you warm and looking fly. Panels along the thigh add a touch of style and substance to the jeans, as do the deep pockets for function, fashion, and security. Able to be worn flared or tight, the interlining jacquard pattern cut at the ankles only adds to the uniqueness and funkiness of this piece.

A distinctive striped pull-over crew neck is a must-add to your wardrobe. Purposely designed off-center stripes, with a flower pattern intermittently paced between, make for a very visually cool piece. Constructed holes in the sleeves are an option for your thumbs when the weather is too cold and small slits on the side add to the ease of quickly pulling this garment on and off. (In case you find something else to keep you warm on a chilly night. If you know what we mean…)

Denim style anoraks in three colorways are a new creation this season. Soft wool interlining on the neck, big front pockets, and a pull string in the center make this anorak, a comfortable, stylish, and practical garment to add to your winter look. Beautiful flower prints on the elbows tie in the idea of new beginnings, but a classic THC quote “cut-throat” embroidered on the neck nods to past THC collections, cleverly blending a new flavor with the original. 

“Syndicate” tees were made with thick comfortable material, in clean, classic tones. An athletic line on the collar adds a touch of flare without being too bold. The term and meaning of “Syndicate” is printed on all tees, signifying the overlying idea of community. An ideal heavily prioritized by the THC ethos.

“Two items in one” makes the reversible varsity jackets extremely exciting (an admittedly special feature for your wardrobe and of course – your wallet). With 3D patches, athletic lines on hems, traditional varsity lettering on one side, and the collections’ flower design on the other, these button-down jackets are swag personified.

The reversible puffer jackets are possibly the standout feature of this already extra decorated collection. Not content with giving you only one ‘2-for-1’ item, THC designed two! With an NYC and UK street aesthetic, these big puffers will keep you warm and smart wherever you venture this winter. An embroidered flower design on one side makes this a unique garment to wear, while the simple, chic reverse is perfect for understated outdoor events. Added utility with a big collar and hood for the cold, and side pockets with snaps for your belongings - these coats are as practical as they are slick and perfect for everyday winter wear.

‘Dawn of an Era’ unites the important ideas of new beginnings, and multiple wear items - into a collection packed with warm fabrics, skillful design themes, and streamlined construction. Just like new beginnings, ‘Dawn of an Era’ is only possible with its community. THC has always strived to uphold the ideals of community, filtering that down artistically through their designs. They look forward to sharing their next era together in oneness - with you.

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