[Elevated Spirit] - New collection out now!

[Elevated Spirit] - New collection out now!

Welcome to your “Elevated Spirit.” The latest drop from THC. Built from THC’s goal to always strive to keep your spirit lifted - this is a fully-fledged collection dripping in positivity and beach-themed hues.

Neutral tones of ocean blues, sand, and dolphin greys work well with fresh mint greens and crisp whites on tees, shorts, pants, and jackets created with light materials that are comfortable, breezy, and functional. Denim jackets have the added utility of extra pockets and are sleeveless, which, when paired with the distressed pants, give the collection a rockstar kick. 

Though this collection embraces positivity, excitement, and summer love - the artwork printed throughout hints at a contrast. Two hands with the index finger cut off show what would have been a peace sign now exposing just a middle finger. A second image reveals a hand just above water holding a heart next to the words “can’t be saved.”

This contrast, however stark, cannot break your spirit. Though the peace hands are cut, they are still lifted representing another sign now: “fuck you” and even though the second hand is sinking into the waves, it is holding a heart indicating that the person is downing, but drowning in love. 

“Elevated Spirit” marries the oxymorons of drowning in love and a peaceful “fuck you” into slick summer streetwear for those with a hedonistic spirit of loving life, living life, and staying elevated. 


Happy summer, love THC.

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