Embracing the 'Dawn of an Era': Day 1

The Hideout Clothing - Luxury contemporary mens streetwear

Dear Beloved Hideout Collective,

As the seasons gracefully transition, so does The Hideout Clothing, and I, Bas, am thrilled to unravel the tapestry of our recent endeavors. Brace yourselves for a journey through the 'Dawn of an Era' collection—a symphony of styles and emotions, echoing the heartbeat of THC's evolution.

The Hideout Clothing - Luxury contemporary mens streetwear

Dawn of an Era Collection Unveiled
Marking the genesis of a new chapter, our latest collection is a canvas woven with threads of anticipation and cultural fusion. 'Dawn of an Era' is an artful expression inspired by the fusion of UK and NYC aesthetics, bathed in the classic THC warmth and energy.

Picture clean color palettes of black, cream, and mallard blue, harmoniously entwined with delicate floral prints. From the over-exaggerated distressed jeans with interlining jacquard patterns to the distinctive striped pull-over crew neck with purposeful off-center stripes, each piece whispers tales of new beginnings and subtle rebellion.

The denim style anoraks and "Syndicate" tees tell stories of comfort, style, and community, interweaving classic THC motifs with fresh, innovative design elements. The reversible varsity jackets and puffer jackets, each a canvas of artistic utility, embody the spirit of versatility, symbolizing the multiple facets of new beginnings.

Like a gentle breeze heralding change, 'Dawn of an Era' invites you to embrace warmth, intricate design, and the promise of new beginnings—all seamlessly stitched into the fabric of this extraordinary collection.

The Hideout Clothing - Luxury contemporary mens streetwear

Gathering in Paris
On December 1, under the Parisian stars and within the heart of Le Marais—a key fashion district—we hosted an intimate friends and family gathering at our new flagship store, 67 rue du Temple. This night was more than a celebration; it was a testament to dreams realized, shared visions, and the profound legacy of our co-founder, Rashad.

The evening unfolded as a harmonious blend of joy and emotion, a true reflection of the THC spirit. Laughter echoed through the space as we commemorated not only the birth of our flagship store but also Rashad's birthday—the force behind our inaugural Trinidad store in 2012.

The date holds a special place in our hearts, as we fondly remember Rashad, who left us a year ago. We took this poignant moment to pay tribute to his memory, to bless our new space, and to embark on this significant journey together.

As we look ahead to the store's grand opening in mid-January, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being part of this intimate journey with us. Stay posted for the exact date of grand opening!

With love and anticipation,


The Hideout Clothing - Luxury contemporary mens streetwear