[Frosty Tropics] - New collection out now!

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Playing with juxtaposition in their design process, THC presents Frosty Tropics, their second collection for the fall/autumn season. With color-blocking prints, weatherproof materials, and lightweight, yet warm garments, Frosty Tropics is a full collection of functional, mobile, and stylish pieces. 

Toned-down colorways of cloud grey, chardonnay khaki, and earth tans feature throughout this drop. Pops of sky blue and yellows add a spark of life and emphasize the fact that it’s never really fall/autumn in the Caribbean.

Tracksuits are inspired by UK rap and sportswear yet stay true to THCs functional yet fashionable mantra by being adorned with hexagonal pocket shapes, windproof material, and a mobile light-weight construction. Thick cotton tees play on the “Never Rat on Your Friends” series with the classic pocket rat now swimming with the fishes - literally - in a pocket constructed of gel containing two piranhas.

Hoodies are constructed with toweled stripes, enabling them to be thicker and warmer for that autumn chill. Displayed on the front and back of the hoodies are two designs communicating the idea of “More Flowers, Less Guns” and the famous THC “peace hands” behind bars.

However, the stand-out pieces of this drop have to be the cool, and comfortable denim suits. Zipped jeans - worn flared or straight, denim jackets, and matching bucket hats complete the set. The suits’ contrasting prints of jungle leopard and snow leopard give a subtle nod to the disparate frosty vs tropic theme.

Frosty Tropics combines the theme of divergence into a striking collection that is both hot and cold, peaceful yet provoked, and functional but still fashionable for those who revel in contrasting ideas.

*Full disclaimer: no leopards were harmed in the making of these denim suits.

Streetwear | THC | Fashion | Art | Music | Culture