[Fully Blessed] - New collection out now!

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Bringing reassurance in these maddening times, the 'Fully Blessed' collection comes as an offering to remind our community that they are truly "fully" blessed in all aspects of life - irrespective of any challenge. It is an affirmation in streetwear form that allows the wearer to speak and represent their mindsets through clothing.

Wielding a color palette of moody browns and khakis with serious grey and blue hues, denim patchwork pieces, double-sided velour jumpers are juxtaposed with chain studded joggers and t-shirts that draw inspo from our prior work. The t-shirt graphics are based on one of the ending scenes of the "Brain Guh" music video by our friends Boy Boy & Zebee, which was part of a THC production earlier this year. 'Fully Blessed' is a drop for the current moment and pushes a narrative of confidence and positivity. Always remember, you and the gang are fully blessed!

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