[Lavender Drop] - New summer 23 collection out now!

Contemporary Luxury Streetwear Collection - The Hideout Clothing

Representing calmness, refinement, and luxury - and inspired by the scent of Southern France - THC presents “Lavender Drop” their second summer collection for 2023.

Purple is the color of royalty, and graces this collection alongside a strong base of earth tones, grays, whites, blacks, and old French limestone. Unique construction and adjustable options have been carefully designed to fill each garment with functionality and style. 

Playing with positioning and optical illusions, THC has created three button-down shirt styles for dressing up at those summer events. Each shirt comes with mesh sleeve inserts for breathability, and to help battle the humidity of summer. As well as some funky designs with 3D logo patterned illusions and crazy button systems.

Four tee-shirts in three different lavender patterned designs are available in this collection, and feature side slits for ease of dressing and a comfortable body fit. Choose a full patterned lavender design, a playful stripe illusion, or a chic and simple pocket tee.

Basketball-inspired mesh shorts are complete with functional zipped pockets, breathable construction, and waterproof material. Vests inspired by Jamaican design are constructed with custom entwined stitching making them unique, breathable, and useful for a street-to-sports game situation.

Reversible bucket hats and relaxed-fit jeans tie in the lavender theme with an all-over patterned design. Jeans can be worn straight or flipped at the ankle where the inside material also features a lavender pattern for multi-style wear. 

Lavender Drop devotes its purpose of high fashion staples with practical yet sleek designs, into a pure summer collection that inspires elegance, utility, and a great-smelling summer wardrobe.

Contemporary Luxury Streetwear Collection - The Hideout Clothing