[L'histoire] - New collection out now!

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The 'L’histoire' collection (which means “the story” or “history” in French) was born by bringing together family stories passed down from the 1940’s war-stained Europe with real-life experiences in the current Caribbean milieu. Be it bloodied hands visuals from WWII memories inherited from Bas’s grandfather to “Drug Wars” references of inner-city gang rivalries in Trinidad, 'L’histoire' melds influences from the past and present to offer streetwear with a characteristic edge.

Combining cool unsaturated tones of blue, green and beige, offset by bright dashes of red and black over a mix of prints and textures, the collection’s color pallet is a visual representation of the wars of then and now. 'L’histoire' interweaves ideas of militancy with a functional attitude at the core to fashion streetwear fit for the modern-day mission.

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