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Assembling the concepts of soul, freedom, and functional fashion, THC brings you ‘Molding History’: a spring collection with a twist. Darker tones of smokey grey, black, and calm cream set the base of this collection with dashes of snow and Rasta red inspired by family, roots, and the Caribbean twin-islands - Trinidad and Tobago.

Featured in this drop are easy-to-throw-on-and-off warm jackets and pants with metal key clips and moleskin fabric on the ankles. Beautiful interlining print raincoats and tees in two color choices. As well as sweaters in the softest velour you’ll ever wear (inside and out), and matching dad caps saying “Love” - because why not? The words “Blessed” and “Body and Soul” are threaded throughout Molding History. “Bless” is the Caribbean vernacular for “thank you” and “Body and Soul” allude to the Rastafarian idea that true freedom is not constricted by the confines of your body. It lives in the essence of you. Your soul. So, though your body can be trapped, your soul cannot.

In an unexpected move, THC created their Jackets and Pants in a corduroy fabric, aligned in different directions. This psychedelic design pays deep respect to the grandmother of THC, Elizabeth Salvatori. Once a fashion designer herself, Elizabeth was faced with a design misfire when the team making her clothes flipped half of the fabric, resulting in pants with corduroy going in two different directions. Though many would panic at the huge error, Elizabeth rolled with it and introduced “Psychedelic Corduroy” to her customers. The garments were an instant hit, soon becoming a hot trend in the Trini streets. This story reminded THC that sometimes with art, you can make a mistake that turns out to be a blessing.

Molding History’s warm, functional, and fashionable spring outfits represent stories and style. The symbolic messages throughout strike a tone of love, roots, culture and family, further reminding us that we can create our own history, mistakes can be blessings in disguise, and finally, you can’t trap a free soul.

THC | The Hideout Clothing | Streetwear | Collection | Spring 23 | Fashion | Art | Music