You are appreciated, important, loved, blessed, strong, happy, wealthy, and powerful. 

Blooming with affirmations and good vibes, Blossoming, THC’s first summer drop for 2023, really grows on you. It is a full collection of love, flora, and hidden references. If you know, you know.

Vibrant, popping colors of soft orange, military green, and cream along with real prints of sunsets and canopies from Trinidad, have been harvested for this collection. Dad caps, tees, and side bags follow the theme of love with quotes and affirmations geared towards giving you an extra boost along with a killer summer wardrobe.

Detachable cotton side bags paired with classic-colored tees are a new design addition to this drop. The side bags can be worn diagonally or straight, and feature straps with printed affirmations reminding you that you are loved, as well as matching the pull strings of the bucket hats and cargo pants.

Four functionally perfect summertime cargo pants complete this collection. They come in four different colors and were created with a piece of THC logo cut out to make side suede patches. Designed with removable laces around the thigh and a front zipper, means the pants can be worn tight, slim, or open, allowing you to play around with different styles.

Blossoming gathers inspiration from their landscape to bring you a collection packed with energetic design features that you can use to grow your summer style by mixing and matching these pieces for whatever vibes you are on.

Peace out, THC

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