In The Spirit

Mulled wine, cozy nights, and family. THC brings together all the holiday favorites in their newest festive collection: In The Spirit.

A color palate of earth blacks, charcoal greys, maracas sands, rose pinks, and, trinitario chocolate stays true to classic THC colors with pops of festive reds and greens throughout.

A play on the “ugly sweater” this holiday season sees a new THC creation: the typical holiday sweater but with a paisley pattern. An original take on a classic item. The word “Love” etched into each sweater plays on the theme of holidays and spreading warmth in these Family Photo-appropriate garments.

“Blessed” turtlenecks have been brought back for this drop in new colorways: classic for those with a chic and clean palate as well as color-blocking designs when you wish to add a little extra swag to your outfit. Both the turtlenecks and festive sweaters are distressed at the cuffs and bottom, following on the idea of a classic look with a little extra dopeness.

Velour sweatsuits are a must-have in cold weather. Double-layered and extremely comfortable, these suits are thicker than before and built with pull strings and intertwined fabrics creating a cool pattern effect. The suits come with useful zipped pockets for carrying AirPods, phones, or last-minute holiday gifts. A perfect travelling piece in your holiday season.

The cargo pants in this collection have been lovingly made with intricate pocket shapes under the concept of cutting fabrics and stitching them together. Repurposing fashion was the inspiration behind this design. With an elastic waist and bottoms, these pants are reliable, functional, and a trendy addition to your winter wardrobe.

In The Spirit intertwines the idea of families and fashion mashups into a solid holiday collection with a lot of must-haves for those traveling long and far to be with their loved ones this festive season. Safe travels, love THC.

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