Love The Game I

‘Love The Game I’ is a collection designed in collaboration with The Superior Shop of Memphis - high-end streetwear, and luxury fashion store. The collection was born from THC and The Superior Shop’s mutual belief to always stay loyal, stand strong on your values, morals, and ethics, and never sell out while you try to elevate through life; AKA being married to the Game.

A joined logo of THC with The Superior Shop of hearts and stripes features throughout the collection symbolizing that though you love The Game, does The Game really love you back?  Prints with a letter to The Game and a sketch of Tupac Shakur were inspired by a love letter Tupac wrote to Jada-Pinkett Smith. Hexagonal pocket shapes, unorthodox shirt patterns, and removable pant buckles adorn the garments on a mix of light fabrics fit for spring.

The theme of love flows deeply throughout this drop - a color palette of strong pinks, bottle/stem greens, and black and white tones is built around the colors of roses and wine further symbolizing the concept of love. 

‘Love The Game I’ mixes the bittersweet parallels of unrequited love, hustle, and staying real into fashionable streetwear for those seduced by the game and in love with all that it has to offer.

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