THC x Threadz Atlanta - Affiliated III

Bringing truth to the statement of “quality over quantity” THC and Threadz Atlanta present ‘Affiliated III’ - a mini capsule designed by two fashion players who are at the tip of where streetwear meets luxury.

This is the third collaboration between THC and Threadz Atlanta. The collection features tees, shorts, and trucker hats in classic neutrals of creams, blacks, and greys, with a splash of orange - but staying true to Atlanta with that Atlanta red strongly featured throughout. Lightweight materials and breathable mesh backings on the caps are a perfect pairing for spring/summer and the cool Atlanta breeze.

Inspiration for this capsule collection came from THC and Threadz Atlanta’s mantra of being connected, associated, and joined together with people, teams, community, and most importantly family - whether that is by blood or by choice. Thus, the definition of Affiliated is printed on the back of the tees. 

Affiliated III relates the themes of connection and style in a capsule collection reminding us that we are all allied together in life and beyond - and making sure we look good on the journey.

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