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Contemporary Luxury Streetwear Collection - The Hideout Clothing

“The world is yours and everything in it.”

New Sphere is the latest capsule collection designed by THC, launching in Spring 2023, and takes inspiration from the ideas of beginnings, shaping new worlds, and the annual birth of springtime. Thick body fabrics, embroidery, engraved brass buckles, and flexible materials comprise this collection of greys, blacks, browns, and white colors, perfect for everyday use.

Highly functional cargo pants feature in this drop, as a traditional cargo design but with an extra bang. You will find velcro straps at the ankles offering a tapered look at your choice, suede patches, a detachable pocket pouch, key clip, and an elastic waist. These features combine effortlessly together to make the pants extremely operational while still looking dope, no matter the weather.

Two themed tees were created for this collection. The first combines two of the classic Never Rat on Your Friends tees, etched together in a masterly Frankenstein-esque design, further alluding to the idea of creating a new world. Embroidered rats don the front pocket which opens at both ends, and the classic quote “Always Keep Your Mouth Shut,” is printed on the back.

The second, a striped tee, is composed of soft stripes, in a skin-soothing comfortable material. The print depicting “fake news” shooting into your brain indicates that if you are watching the news media, it is highly likely you are filling your head with nonsense, and it’s time to shake things up and start anew.

New Sphere synthesizes the thrilling possibilities of starting afresh into a cool spring capsule collection for those new to the game yet already shaping a new world.

Contemporary Luxury Streetwear Collection