Power // our second drop for Fall ’23 is out now

Contemporary Luxury Streetwear Collection - The Hideout Clothing

Coming at you this fall, ‘Power’, the latest collection by THC, is everything its name suggests: Strength, might, and force - while also containing intense Berlin vibes captured by THC’s travels to the city. With slightly darker tones, ‘Power’ was inspired by the German spirit of slick practicality, and plays on their sense of cool, collected fashion.

Clean, but not too bright, the pieces of ‘Power’ experiment with darker, muted tones, and contain distressed edges and charcoal finishes. Hints of red tones throughout were inspired by the German flag, while olive tones reflect an earthier mood. Mixed fabrics of denim and leather with metal embellishments and embroiled logos add to the grungy underground approach, while also staying true to efficiency with useful utility pockets and structured lines.

The standout item of this drop is the bomber jacket. An interlining of leather and a sherpa body was constructed to make this piece, along with swivel clips for your keys or AAA passes, utility side pockets, and a metal emblem. The bomber jacket seamlessly merges function and luxury. It not only adds energy but a badass villainous vibe that wouldn’t be out of place in an underground rave - let alone the stage.

Wool coats, available in black or charcoal, are lined with leather pockets and created with oversized collars for added protection (and added swag). Utility pockets positioned on the inside and outside of the coats add to their practical function, while custom buttons emblazoned with the THC monogram are a subtle luxurious flair. Perfect for the element of fall, these warm coats are a staple piece in any wardrobe.

A woven style fabric makes up the everyday wear hoodies. A distressed pattern at the waist and zipped kangaroo pockets touch on the underground grunge theme, yet juxtapose that idea with the word “Love” embroiled down the center in several languages. A comic play on the THC logo adorns both the vintage-washed tees and Dad hats, which help complete your look either in this drop or your own wardrobe.

The wax sleeveless hoodie is an irresistible piece to the ‘Power’ collection and was created with sherpa interlining in the hood, custom zippers, a metal 3D logo on the chest as well as a large kangaroo pocket on the front. Uber comfortable, the wax leather material on the outside adds to the grungy feel and ties well with the leather jeans.

A loose comfy fit accurately describes the jeans in this drop. A mute color tone downplays the striking waxed leather material used to create this piece, allowing you to wear the jeans in a plethora of ways.

The ‘Power’ collection pulls some serious punches with its grunge, young, and rebel vibes. Inspired by the German street style of practicality and bold, yet somehow muted fashion, ‘Power’ is a potent creation from THC getting you ready for fall, fashion, and life and all that they bring.

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