THC will be attending Liberty Fairs in NYC next week!

Next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday THC will have their own booth at the Liberty Fairs tradeshow in NYC! They will showcasing their new collection Electric Vacation, which drops March 30th!

Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs is the leading producer of premier fashion trade events in the men’s and women’s apparel and lifestyle markets. LF&LF encompasses Liberty Fairs, Cabana and Capsule shows – the ultimate curation of forward-thinking brands within an intimate and collaborative environment. LF&LF showcases in New York, Miami and Las Vegas to serve thousands of retailers globally and the industry as a whole.

"Liberty Fairs is a business-to-business fashion trade show where brands show their clients the next season they'll have in store. The buyers come in, shop, and get that experience from the brands.” From there, business was booming."

-Liberty Fairs co-founder, Sharifa Murdock

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